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ZENTANGLE HANDS by the  children in Room 8                         

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Room 8 surveying their Turangawaewae from on top of Tokatoka          

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Room 8 + 16 Tokatoka Trip

To end our Turangawaewae unit rooms 8 + 16 decided to take a trip to visit our maunga Tokatoka. We split into groups to climb to the top of Tokatoka. Once we reached the top [...]

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There have been further developments to the Room 11 break in!!!

Following the break in during the early hours of Thursday the 29th of March in Room 11, there has been security camera footage of the perpetrator. It is believed a large pink rodent with floppy [...]

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Bad Hair Day


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Who sneaked into Room 11?

UH oh! There has been a visitor to Room 11!

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Mangawhai Camp: Room 6 & 7


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Persuasive Writing

Hey Little Ant I think the boy should save the ant because he has a family. By Arnica Hey Little Ant I think the boy should save the ant because he will die and he [...]

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What Makes a Kiwi Camp? (Tui 2)

A kiwi camp is sleeping in the same cabin with a bunch of girls who giggle a lot. It's listening to waves crashing and kids screaming. It's feeling the salt water sting your eyes and [...]

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What Makes A Kiwi Kid? (Tui 2)

Kayla is a code that can't be cracked. Kayla is a bomb ready to go off at the slightest movement. Kayla is a marshmallow, sensitive and sweet. Kayla is a cuckoo clock, loud and proud. [...]

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