Enrolments/Right Start


We now run a Cohort Entry system. There will be 2 intakes per term: The beginning of week 1, and the beginning of week 6. Please call the office to confirm dates. Parents may also need to liaise with their early childhood centre to confirm their child’s departure date.

Please bring the following along when enrolling your child.

Your child’s birth certificate for birth date confirmation.  (You can call tollfree 0800 22 52 52 for a copy of birth certificate).
Immunisation Records and medical history.
Students transferring from another school are required to fill out our enrolment form only, and bring to office.  (See pdf below)

School Enrolment Form
Internet and Website Permission Form

Right Start

Dargaville Primary has:

A unique pre-school programme:

  • Children and parents feel part of the school before the child turns 5 years.
  • Reception room programmes that cater solely for the needs of New Entrants.
  • Small classrooms and a welcoming environment.

School visits begin in the three weeks prior to starting school.

The office will send out a letter to parents informing them of visits and when they will start.

Children and parents are required to come to the programme.

All children enrolled are able to attend 3 pre-school lessons designed:

  • To help the parents understand what school life is all about.
  • For children to have fun.
  • To help the child begin school happy and contented.
  • To build a solid relationship with the teacher.

It is essential to enrol at 4 ½ years old.

Children and parents are required to come to the programme.

  • We strive to provide.
  • An excellent child centred education.
  • Experiential learning opportunities, camps, trips, visits.
  • Excellent behaviour through a firm but friendly behaviour plan.
  • A friendly professional atmosphere that is welcoming to parents and visitors

Any more queries, please feel welcome to visit or ring the school, we will try our best to answer them.