Charter and Strategic Plan


  •  Respect/Whakaute
  •  Resilience/Manawaroa
  •  Kindness/Atawhai

 School Culture  – Tikanga

  • Value and nurture our multi-cultural heritage within the school and community.
  • Create culturally appropriate context for student learning for; Tikanga – culture, Te Reo Māori – Language, Ako – shared learning, Whanaungatanga – building relationships and interactions, Manaakitangi – caring respecting self, each other, community.
  • Valuing cultural knowledge and identity, recognition of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Learning Culture

We believe in a learning culture where:

  • All have the ability to learn, to be thinkers, to self-manage and become confident citizens and encouraged with their individual strengths.
  • Students have a voice and choices in their learning, where they experience challenges, are encouraged to try and succeed.
  • We provide opportunities to develop curiosity, take risks, acknowledge and fostered personal growth.
  • -Students learn from experiences, being engaged and interested, provided through differentiated practices and modelling.

Goals – Keys Focus Areas

As at November 2016

Quality Education:

To develop interactive and stimulating teaching using a variety of methods to create successful students.

Providing Opportunities:

To Build a learning culture where students; face challenges, have experiences, become curious, and are able to voice and have choice in aspects of school learning while fostering their potential

A Caring Environment:

To achieve a caring environment by living our values to engage and support our students, parents and teachers