10 things you might find in a Wizard’s pocket – Tui 2

This week we wrote about what we might find in someone's pocket.  Click on the link below to view the writing.  Some absolutely awesome ideas. 10 things fawind in a wizids pocit  Xavier Ten Things [...]

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Hockey – Whangarei 2015

I was standing by the goal, waiting for one of my team mates to pass the ball to me.  My team mates and the opposition were in a group fighting for the ball.  Then I [...]

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Hannah’s Recount – A Wet Netball Weekend

A Wet Netball Weekend I was shaking because of the damp breeze blowing into my soaking wet netball dress.  I was like an iceberg. "2 minutes to bell", I heard the timing lady call out.  [...]

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A collection of James’ writing

Monday 16 February 2015 (recount) Dad, me and Jack our dog, were after goats today.  We were creeping around the corner.  Gorse and ? were everywhere.  This was goat land.  Not a peep came out [...]

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Ollie’s Character Writing

The man has black hair.  He holds the big long key in his hand. Hi is a super hero to me.  He teaches me rugby and cricket.  He comes home dirty because he has probably [...]

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A Simple Recount – Tui 2

The sun glistened off the front of the saddle.  I was riding Miss Brody.  She started to go back.  Smack went the crop.  She zoomed forward.  Then I hopped over a cross jump.  I was [...]

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Tui 2 – Remember that time…

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Harmony’s written language

Shush I heard people say as my eyes flutter open.  I wipe the sand away.  As I get up my bones feel like they have been shattered.  "Ouch, ouch, ouch" I repeat.  My mattress was [...]

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Pounce! Mittens flew onto my bed; rolling over, I opened my eyes. The only thing I could see, apart from the darkness, were two bright green eyes staring at me. He gently nudged me for [...]

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Writing from Kai Iwi Camp

Website-writing - Tui 2

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