On Thursday 13 August the whole school participated in STAR Jam to raise money for children with special needs.  Seeing everyone jumping and jamming was fantastic.  Well done everyone!!    

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Bayly’s Beach Walk/Run

A fantastic team (Team Dargaville Primary) of about 40 children, parents and grandparents and 7 staff entered the Baylys 2 Dargaville Walk/Run even, held on Sunday 14th June.             These children [...]

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Rippa Rugby 2015

Rippa Rugby 2015 DPS in action.

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Silver Ferns Football Festival

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Northern Wairoa Swimming Sports

Super 4 Relay - Champions

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Swimming Sports Pictures

Check out some pics of our day.

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Swimming Sports 2015 – Champions

8 Year GirlsLatailah, Ayla, Alyssa 9 Year BoysMatty, Bailie 9 Year GirlsAndi, Jordan 9 Year BoysLuke, Hayden 10 Year GirlsAshlee, Adelaide 10 Year BoysThomas, [...]

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Energise – Team Work

Today we had to work as a team to get across an area of the court.  Two people were blindfolded.  We had to walk on boards.  If we walked on the asphalt we had to [...]

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Year 4 Triathlon


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High Jump 2014

Brooke Anya Scott Semisi Kane Ben Matiu Max Stacey Lucy Daniel Te [...]

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