Cross Country

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Cross Country 2016

10 Year BoysDaniel, Luke, Te Manawa 10 year GirlsTe Wai, Lydia, Ataleea 9 Year BoysLuca, Kahn, Sam 9 Year GirlsAyla, Hope, Nicole 8 Year BoysMatty, Jake, [...]

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Ruawai Challenge 2016

Ruawai visited Dargaville Primary today to compete in 5 events.  Year 3/4 rugby, Year 3/4 netball, Year 5/6 netball, Year 5/6 rugby and soccer.  Everyone competed with a positive attitude and an eye on the [...]

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Swimming Sports 2016


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Rippa Rugby 2016

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Athletics Day Highlights

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Athletics Champions 2015

8 Year BoysTaj (2nd), Jake (1st) 8 Year GirlsLilly (2nd), Hannah & Danielle (1st) 9 Year BoysCreedence (2nd), Ashley (1st) 9 Year GirlsHope (2nd), Ayla (1st) [...]

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Northland Cross Country

These are some of the Northland runners that represented Dargaville Primary School. Lydia came 5th, Lucy came 5th, Kane came 3rd, Ollie came 3rd, Luke came 9th, absent Portia 9th and Jake 8th.

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Cross Country 2015

Here are the place getters on the day. 11 Year Old GirlsLucy (1st), Shea (2nd), Navana (3rd) 11 Year Old BoysCameron (2nd), Kane (1st), Jonathan (3rd) 10 Year Old GirlsMemory [...]

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Hockey – Whangarei 2015

I was standing by the goal, waiting for one of my team mates to pass the ball to me.  My team mates and the opposition were in a group fighting for the ball.  Then I [...]

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