Emma Foy – an inspiration

Our theme for Term 3 was inspiration. Ms Harding's inspirational niece, Emma Foy, spoke to us, telling us of her journey to becoming a  world champion para cyclist, overcoming her visual limitations.  

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Book Week – Parade

What a fantastic turn out of favourite book characters. The Mad Hatter Alice in Wonderland Thing 1 and Thing 2 Room 11 Miss Myburgh [...]

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DPS Fit Kids

Every Thursday lunchtime, 3 teachers and an increasing number of students head out the gates and run/walk, as part of a training/get fit or just for fun programme. On Sunday 20th, a keen group of [...]

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Book Week

Come in and check out the library - Miss K and her helpers have done an amazing job.

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Speech Finals – DPS 2015

On Tuesday 15 September 9 children competed to find out who would be the Dargaville Primary School Speech Champion. Jonathan, Lucy, Ellie, Kyran, Anya, Adelaide, Jordan, Ashlee and Max The audience was well [...]

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Cameron Leslie

On Friday 14th we were fortunate enough to have the inspirational Cameron Leslie speaking to us. Born without fully formed arms and legs, he adopted a 'can do' attitude towards any obstacles in his life. Although [...]

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Hiwi the Kiwi

Wednesday 29th saw the arrival of the minstrel, and his wife, with the Hiwi the Kiwi programme. This entertaining show, full of songs and raps and rhymes, delivered two main messages – for the children [...]

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Bayly’s Beach Walk/Run

A fantastic team (Team Dargaville Primary) of about 40 children, parents and grandparents and 7 staff entered the Baylys 2 Dargaville Walk/Run even, held on Sunday 14th June.             These children [...]

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Hell’s Pizza Reading Challenge

Our school is taking part in the Hell's Pizza Challenge. http://www.lianza.org.nz/lianza-and-hell-pizza-reading-challenge-2015 Children are given a task to read 7 books at their own reading level. Once they finish each book, they fill out a form [...]

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The middle syndicate children have a music rotation on a Wednesday afternoon. They choose from recorder, singing, jump jam, mau rakau (stick games), ukuleles.   E Papa Waiairi

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