Mr Ewenson came to our Monday assembly and spoke to us about one of the sporting events he took part in. He brought in his bike and inflatable kayak.

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Monarch butterflies in Room 13

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Pal leaders 2016

Back row: Daniel, Te Manawa, Kahn, Rangi, Liam, Hayden, Dominque, Front row: Andi, Willow, Jazzahmyne, Zoe, Mikayla          

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Swimming sports champions

  Ten year old girls' runner up: Willow Smith Ten year old girls' champion: Ella Pyke Ten year old boy's runner up: Cooper Hill  Ten year old boys' champion: Hayden Ewenson          Nine [...]

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Self Portraits by Room 7


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The mud boy

HELP! I'm going to die! I'd better not fall  in that mud but too late. I failed. I was sinking into the mud. It felt like snail slime. It tasted like goorgly goo. Yuck. My mum [...]

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Boy in the chocolate

KA BOOM!!! The chocolate factory has EXPLODED!!! A massive flood of chocolate slithered down the streets. It captured a little boy. "HELLLLLLP!" yelled the boy. No one tried to help him so... Slurp slurp slurp; [...]

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The Mystery

I have colour changing spikes that are as sharp as knives. I live in a tall tree in Dargaville Primary school. I am as green as freshly grown grass and patches of brown like muddy [...]

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Jay & Chanelle (2nd=), Charli (1st), Chanel & Luka (3rd)

Spelling Bee Winners 2015

Year 6Lucy (3rd), Harmony (1st), Jonathan (2nd) Year 5Ella (2nd), Hayley (1st), Ayla (3rd) Year 4Danielle (2nd), Madison (1st), Kauri (3rd) Year 3Jayden & Taylor (2nd=), Dani (1st), [...]

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Show Day Cakes and Muffins

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