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Book Week Parade 2017

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Beads for maths Room 10

Room 10 has been practising counting using beads on strings. Hunter counted 59 beads on his string!

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Quest 2016 – The Teams

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Quest 2016

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Drew – A Champion

1st for leading 1st for rearing 1st for type 3rd in school team with Bailie and Hunter 5th for dress up And reserve champion

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2016 Spelling Bee

Year 1Becki (3rd), Micah (1st), Zane (2nd) Year 2Shoulan (2nd), Eugenie (1st), Noah (3rd) Year 3Scott (2nd), Payton (1st), Charli (3rd) Year 4Danielle (2nd), Chantelle (3rd), Casmere (left) [...]

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Show Day – Pet Projects

Here is a small taste of some of the amazing pet projects.

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Show Day – The Animals

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Senior Speeches

Below are the place getters. Everyone did a great job. Matty 3rd, Makayla 1st, Madison 2nd

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Jump Jam for Star Jam

Today we supported Star Jam - it was awesome!

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