Gardening Club

The Gardening Club is now in full swing, with many thanks to a group of dedicated parents. ​

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Mangawhai Camp: Room 6 & 7


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What Makes a Kiwi Camp? (Tui 2)

A kiwi camp is sleeping in the same cabin with a bunch of girls who giggle a lot. It's listening to waves crashing and kids screaming. It's feeling the salt water sting your eyes and [...]

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What Makes A Kiwi Kid? (Tui 2)

Kayla is a code that can't be cracked. Kayla is a bomb ready to go off at the slightest movement. Kayla is a marshmallow, sensitive and sweet. Kayla is a cuckoo clock, loud and proud. [...]

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What Makes A Kiwi Kid? (Tui 2)

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Middle Syndicate Spelling Bee

Congratulations to our Spelling Bee Winners!

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On Friday 10 November we had a Mufti Day to raise money for the Northland Rescue Helicopter.  We raised $702.  What a great cause.

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Book Week Parade 2017

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Beads for maths Room 10

Room 10 has been practising counting using beads on strings. Hunter counted 59 beads on his string!

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Quest 2016 – The Teams

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