Cricket Coaching

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Sarah C inspired landscapes

First we researched some of Sarah C artworks. Next we sketched out our landscapes and went over the lines with thick vivid. The last step was painting and once dry going back over the lines [...]

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Tui 1 Values

To start off term 3 Tui 1 has reflected on our class values. In groups we created imovie trailers showing what each value might look like.

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That was Summer

Summer is over so in Tui 1 we have been reflecting on all our favorite summer moments. We brainstormed our ideas then published onto a google slide.

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Room 8 + 16 Tokatoka Trip

To end our Turangawaewae unit rooms 8 + 16 decided to take a trip to visit our maunga Tokatoka. We split into groups to climb to the top of Tokatoka. Once we reached the top [...]

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Jack the Dog by Charli

Jack the dog He had a great life On the 25th of August 2017 He got put down at nine o’clock . Jack was wonderful in every different way. We didn’t like him being in [...]

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Fire vs Water by Scott and Jay

Tui 1 Children enjoy SSW (Sustained Silent Reading). This post was created independently by Scott and Jay on Google Docs (shared)                       Fire vs water [...]

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Down by the school gates ten to zero

Ten chilly chickens, chomping   Nine  hilarious horses, hunting   Eight ants doing, archery    Seven nasty noises, narrating   Six telling tales trombones, tooting   Five equal elephants, electrocuting   Four lazy lions, limping   Three ladybirds, lurking [...]

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Kase, Dad, Ashley and I went to the beach. I jumped off the sand dunes. then - OUCH! - I jumped on a rock. My foot hurt and I went rolling down the sand dunes. [...]

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I was fast asleep and my brother came and he pulled me off the chair. Then I ran into my room, crying. "Mum, mum!" I said, "My arm; it is broken. Sione did it. He [...]

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