Room 9 Wall Display

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Room 9 Tigers

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Tikanga in Room 9

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Follow up activities from Room 9’s reading programme

    We read "Mrs Brown's Garden". We also learned about the letter 'R' in "The Rosy Rabbit's Radish" story. These are some of the stories we have been reading. Jolly Roger and the Turtles [...]

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Fundamental Motor Skills – Room 9

On Wednesday Room 9 had fundamental motor skills with Sarah.  They had a fantastic time.  Here are some of their comments and take a look at the photos. We did the tent with the parachute.  [...]

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Rainbow Animals

Rooms 8, 9, 10, 12 and 1 created rainbow animals. They painted paper. They drew their animals. Then they transferred the animal onto the painted paper. Then they cut out the animal. Then Room 14 [...]

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Ready! Camera! Action!

We are learning to observe patterns in the world around us.

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Ready! Camera! Action! Take 2

We are learning how to take a good photo.  

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