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What Makes a Kiwi Camp

WALT: Describe what makes a kiwi camp using a set writing structure. A Kiwi Camp is  taking the time to relax under a big shady tree. A Kiwi camp is going kayaking with a group [...]

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Mangawhai Madness

This year Room 18 was lucky enough to head down to Mangawhai for our senior syndicate camp. We made posters using www.postermywall.com to share some of the amazing memories we made.

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On the farm.

The milking shed. Mr Schick in the rotary shed. Rebecca and Shamaea in the rotary shed. Mr Schick at the rotary shed. Children patting the calves. [...]

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Kumara Day in Room 18

Before our trip to the Kumara Box we decided to have a day in class that would be dedicated to the mighty kumara. All our lessons for this day had some link to the kumara. [...]

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Produce Posters

Room 18 have been looking at local produce with a  focus on beginning to end (where it comes from to where it ends up). With help from the programme Popplet to brainstorm their ideas they were [...]

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Bottle Cap Art

Room 18 have been looking at pollution and how it can have a massive impact on our environment. Recycling is one way we can help. We decided that instead of throwing out our bottle caps [...]

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Room 18 Planet Fact Files

In room 18 we have been looking at the Solar System and to finish off this study we decided to create our own planet fact files. They turned out great! by Janna, Rhiannon and [...]

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Room 18 Season Trees

In Room 18 we have been looking at different earth sequences and how these interconnect. During term 2 we spent time looking at the four seasons, discussing why/how the seasons occur. To finish our season [...]

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Pohatu Jigsaw

Room 18's class mural was inspired by local New Zealand artist Warren Pohatu. We spent the first few lessons looking at examples of the artists work and discussing how to work with pastel. This was [...]

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