Athletics Day

The clapper echoes and off goes Matiu zooming down the track. I'm next, I jumped into position and my team mates say " GO ". I begin with a light jog then I felt the cold hard [...]

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TriKids Triathlon

Splash !!! I hit the water, it felt like I was locked in a freezer surrounded by ice. I shivered as I tried to catch up to Kane and Jack, at least I was coming third. [...]

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Technonogy: Needs vs Wants

In Room 18 we have been discussing different technologies and identifying whether they are needs or wants. We made posters using picollage to show what we thought were some of our different wants and needs. [...]

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Creativity Posters

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A set of instructions when reading a poem

To begin our poetry unit room 18 used Picollage to write out some instructions to follow when reading a poem.                   

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The Seasons

  Spring likes to glide across emerald green fields. Summer springs off the old wharf into the clear diamond water. Winter slides across the slippery clear ice. Autumn likes to splash in the red and [...]

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Movement Silohuettes

This term our topic focus is movement. We decided to create our own silhouettes using water colour paint and Indian ink to show different ways we can show movement.                                                                                                                                                                                                     [...]

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Room 18 Cameos

We are learning to write to a format. Outside, lightning, thunder and rain bang against the house and the wind howls, roars and rips plants from the ground. - Sophie Grbin Outside, fog, mist and [...]

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What animal are you?

If you were an animal what would you be? In room 18 we used Wild Animal Face Booth on the Ipads to find out. See if you can guess whose who?  

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Room 18 Animal Close Ups

Our Nature Close Ups were inspired by Georgia O'Keefe. We spent time searching different pictures of our favourite animals and plants. Once we selected a image we then cropped them to the close ups we [...]

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