On the farm.

The milking shed. Mr Schick in the rotary shed. Rebecca and Shamaea in the rotary shed. Mr Schick at the rotary shed. Children patting the calves. [...]

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Zentangle Art

Zentangle is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. The Middle and Senior classes have been creating wonderful Zentangle art works.  Our focus for the term was patterns. [...]

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Cityscape Artwork. Room 16 created cityscapes with Miss McGlasson. We cut building shapes out of cardboard. We coloured around the edges on the cardboard with chalk pastels. We lay the cardboard shapes onto [...]

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3D Hands

Rooms 6,7,16 and 17 spent part of the term drawing their hands, trying to make them look 3D. Room 16's hands.   Room 7's hands What we did: First we drew [...]

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A Herd of Cows

Rooms 16, 3 and 9 drew and coloured cows.  We now have a herd at Dargaville Primary. Grace's Cow. Jorgia's Cow. Jackson's Cow.

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