Cats! Cats! Cats! Laurel Burch Inspired Art

Laurel Burch(December 31, 1945 – September 13, 2007) was an American artist, designer and businesswoman http://www.laurelburch.com/

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Swimming sports champions

  Ten year old girls' runner up: Willow Smith Ten year old girls' champion: Ella Pyke Ten year old boy's runner up: Cooper Hill  Ten year old boys' champion: Hayden Ewenson          Nine [...]

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My Made-Up Story

Well, it all started a long time ago. My parents and I and my sister Mishal; oh, and one extra.  We were  all on a boat. There was a big storm, then my sister and [...]

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ME   Blond hair, Swimming at school, Running at school. Lilly            My hair is soft like marshmallow in hot chocolate. My ears are soft like a cat's fur. My eyes [...]

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Room 1 Discovery Time

Discovery time in Room One focuses on the Key Competencies. So far we have focused on: Sharing Working together co-operatively Perservering to complete a task Sarah Tittleton has worked with the children to start  a [...]

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Rainbow Animals

Rooms 8, 9, 10, 12 and 1 created rainbow animals. They painted paper. They drew their animals. Then they transferred the animal onto the painted paper. Then they cut out the animal. Then Room 14 [...]

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Room 1 Portraits

Reuben Michaela B.J. Cody Lara Deizel Jordan Dalton

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