Hiwi the Kiwi Show

Dargaville Primary students had a blast with the Minstrel at the Hiwi the Kiwi show. There were lots of laughs alongside lots of learning about our fishery and the marine environment and encouraging us to [...]

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Sarah C inspired landscapes

First we researched some of Sarah C artworks. Next we sketched out our landscapes and went over the lines with thick vivid. The last step was painting and once dry going back over the lines [...]

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Tui 1 Values

To start off term 3 Tui 1 has reflected on our class values. In groups we created imovie trailers showing what each value might look like.

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Anzac Art

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Sandra Silberweig inspired portraits

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Y3 & 4 Rippa “Have-a-Go” Day

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Art in CRT (Room 13)


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Poetry by Paige

Crashing winds, trashing trees, Shaking trees, dropping branches, Washed lands. By Paige Waipouri Age 7          

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That was Summer

Summer is over so in Tui 1 we have been reflecting on all our favorite summer moments. We brainstormed our ideas then published onto a google slide.

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Room 6 display

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