Room 1 Portraits

Reuben Michaela B.J. Cody Lara Deizel Jordan Dalton

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Computer Cats

Room 12 used the programme Artrage, to produce cat pictures based on Margaret Beames books about Oliver.  He is a naughty cat who likes to  chase and catch things.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-8vf-1Zdtw       [...]

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Personalised Portraits

The Senior and Middle Syndicates have been creating self portraits using chalk pastels. Cameron Lydia Daniel Michaela Rico Jasmine George [...]

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Room 14 Fish

After watching and discussing a short video clip called 'the catch' we drew and coloured beautiful fish.   Room 14's Fish

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Handprint Butterflies

Room 10 created beautiful butterflies using their hand prints.

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Cityscape Artwork. Room 16 created cityscapes with Miss McGlasson. We cut building shapes out of cardboard. We coloured around the edges on the cardboard with chalk pastels. We lay the cardboard shapes onto [...]

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3D Hands

Rooms 6,7,16 and 17 spent part of the term drawing their hands, trying to make them look 3D. Room 16's hands.   Room 7's hands What we did: First we drew [...]

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A Herd of Cows

Rooms 16, 3 and 9 drew and coloured cows.  We now have a herd at Dargaville Primary. Grace's Cow. Jorgia's Cow. Jackson's Cow.

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Curly Trees

Room 12 created curly trees using watercolour pastels.                        The children began by practising drawing curly trees. Then the children coloured their backgrounds using watercolour [...]

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Caterpillar Time

  Rooms 11 and 14 created handprint caterpillars, based on Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Room 11's Caterpillars and Room 9's Butterflies

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