Lichtenstein Art

  These are our Lichtenstein self portraits.  We had a look at the art of Lichtenstein and discussed the bold colour choices, the dots and solid colours.  Lichtenstein used to look through comic books to [...]

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Inquiry – Alluminium Cans

Brief:  using alluminium cans design and make something that is useful / or something that moves. Quad Bike - By Angus Crown - By Nikita Motorbike Jewellery StandBy Mikayla [...]

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Who knew aluminium cans could be so beautiful!

We used aluminium cans to make flowers.  There are so many ways you can bend, cut, twist, slice, fold and glue the aluminium.

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Show Day – Tui 2 – Name Sculptures

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  • Max H

Record Art

Here's a new use for all your old vinyl albums.  We heated the records in the oven, bent, cut and molded them to our desired shapes. Then we spray painted them, and some added graffiti. [...]

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  • Portia

Tui 2 Calendar Art

Ryan Haylee Brandon Emily Mikayla Max H Katie Renee Liam Hayden D.J. [...]

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Tui Silhouettes

Lucy Te Waimarama Lela Memory Portia    

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We are learning to write a narrative. What happened to Ms Bishop's grandson?                   Poofy hair day One day the little boy looked outside and saw a pig [...]

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Our theme this term is MOVEMENT. We read an article about Wind Power. We drew diagrams and made models.                                  [...]

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  • Erin

Chalk Pastel Animals

Check out our chalk pastel animals.  We think they are awesome. Zara Max W Lucy Ryan H Lela Francie Emily [...]

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