• Kahn
Cardboard Sculpture

Show Day Tui 2

Friday 28 October 2016 - Show Day Here are a collection of the exhibits in Tui 2.  Some outstanding creations.  Well done everyone! CourtenayCardboard Sculpture KahnCardboard Sculpture LucaRecycled Art [...]

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  • Alyssa

Tui 2 Bird Art

Te Wai Kayla Phoenix Cooper Alyssa Rangi Dalton Mikayla Andi Haylee Brianna [...]

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Wheelchair Basketball

Today we got to have a go at wheelchair basketball.  It was fantastic.

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  • Alyssa

Scientific Drawings

We are learning to look carefully at something and draw it as exactly as we can. Alyssa Sam Lilly Rangi Dalton Ashley [...]

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  • Mikayla

Haiku – Tui 2

Today we tried haiku poetry for the first time.  We based our writing on ANZAC.  Let us know what you think!          

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  • Cooper's Cow.

Tui 2 exhibits from Show Day

Check out some of the exhibits from Tui 2. Ella's garden. Ollie's garden. Ella's muffin. Ella's cake. Paula's muffins. Cooper's Cows. Ayla's [...]

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  • Hulk

Book Week – Tui 2 Dress Ups

Cat Dorothy Bella Dog Raven Witch Katniss Santa All Black School Boy with mole [...]

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  • Dorothy

Book Week – Reading in Class

Check out the pictures of Tui 2 reading.  We performed plays in the last week.  Some funny plays.  Some great actors. Prince Charming Lucy - Narnia Cowgirl Dorothy [...]

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Our Joint Giant Tiger

Miss McGlasson asked us to do a challenge.  We had to turn a small drawing of a tiger, into a large mural size tiger.  1.  Miss McGlasson gave us each a piece of paper and [...]

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Hannah’s Recount – A Wet Netball Weekend

A Wet Netball Weekend I was shaking because of the damp breeze blowing into my soaking wet netball dress.  I was like an iceberg. "2 minutes to bell", I heard the timing lady call out.  [...]

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