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Papier Mache Birds

This term Room 8 have been making papier mache birds.   First we screwed up newspaper and made it into the shape of a body and a head. Then we taped the two together and added [...]

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Room 8 did some sewing earlier in the year.  Here are their creations.

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The Kumara Box

Room 8 visited The Kumara Box.  Check out our writing below. Kumara Box Writing More Kumara Box Writing

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Rainbow Animals

Rooms 8, 9, 10, 12 and 1 created rainbow animals. They painted paper. They drew their animals. Then they transferred the animal onto the painted paper. Then they cut out the animal. Then Room 14 [...]

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Patterns in the Environment

The children in Room 8 looked for patterns in the environment at the back of the school. Look at the results. The children also took some other great photos. And a sequence! [...]

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Room 8 Photographers

The children in Room 8 have been learning how to use cameras and take a good photo. We thought about holding the camera still, what was in the background, close ups and tilting the camera [...]

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