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Poppy Art By Room 7

Our Poppy art designs were part of our Anzac day research.                      

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Self Portraits Room 7

These are some of room 7's self portraits we've done this term.

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DPS is taking part in the energize programme run by Sport Northland.  Petrina has been teaching us new pool games, teamwork and co-operation activities.

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  • room 7 islands are based on what we did in the holidays and what we like to do and what our favourite things are

Room 7’s Life Islands

Room 7s islands are based on what we did in the holidays and what we like doing.    

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Pencil Shaving art by Room 7

Shamaea Liua Olivia Jamee Anya Lara Rehutai Tai Damion Jessica Jane Hamada [...]

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Flowers by room 7

                                                These are room 7's flowers.  First we got a can each and [...]

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Art inspired By Keith Haring

    Olivia Alexis Sky Kahurangi Liua Brodie Ben

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Researched Projects by Room 7

Sky Flight Kahurangi Matthews Olivia Bradley Brodie Munn Siunipa Maama Jesssica Hales Amone Fisiiahi Here are some  examples of our projects. [...]

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Room 7’s Hovercrafts

Ben testing his hovercraft out Sky making her hovercraft Jamee making her hovercraft Harmony trying her hovercraft out on a incline On Friday Room 7 made Hovercrafts [...]

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Room 7’s Animal Faces

Ean's Animal Face Siunipa's Animal Face Ben's Animal Face Hamada's Animal Face Kahn's Animal Face  We used the Animal face app on  the Ipads to create these faces.

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