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Room 5 Artists


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self portraits

This term for art we have been doing self portraits. Everyone is included in it. It's been hard but we completed it. First we had to draw our shoe and hands. Then we coloured in [...]

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The mud pool

"Ooh, what is this pool full of? Anyway, I`m  gonna jump in'. I could feel the mud spraying on my face. I thought this would be fun but nooo, it wasn't. I've been tricked. I [...]

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The fruit smoothie

It was a dark night, and I wanted a fruit smoothie. I put in all the fruit and included yoghurt. When I started up the blender I was wondering something. "I think I forgot some....." SPLAT!" [...]

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Incy Wincy

Incy Wincy Spider climbed up the water spout; down came the rain and washed poor Wincy out. Incy had enough, but he was hungry. So he caught a queen bee. When he ate it, he [...]

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What makes a kiwi camp?

A kiwi camp is never having enough sleep but finishing the day anyway. A kiwi camp is cheering everyone on until you lose your voice. A kiwi camp is stuffing our tummy until we explode! [...]

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What makes a kiwi camp?

A kiwi camp is listening to the endless voices at night. A kiwi camp is whining about your feet the whole way to the museum. Being at a kiwi camp is giving everything a go. It's feeling so [...]

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        Clay We used clay to make Christmas tree decorations. Kathy made templates that we could choose from. Kathy also rolled out the clay ready for us to cut. After we had cut out the shape [...]

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Elephant Tooth Paste

  Elephant Toothpaste Materials: hydrogen peroxide, food colouring, warm water, yeast and dish washing detergent. 1. First we put the hygiene peroxide in a bottle. 2. Second we poured the dish washing liquid into the bottle  with [...]

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Calvin’s Poppy Art

Anzac poppy small and red. Lying above the buried dead. Delicate petals red as a rose Bent over double as the wind blows. Petals like blood spilled on the Flanders Field.   By Calvin   Room [...]

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