My Special Place Stories

When I want to get away from Jamie I go to my special place, it is behind the garage, it is an old shed. It has an old chair. I bring out my wooden sword [...]

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Hiding Stories

I am surrounded by toys in my wardrobe. Alesha is searching for me. I wonder if Alesha is coming to get me? I am squished. I am thinking to myself don't move, don't make a [...]

By |9th June 2013|Room 4|6 Comments
  • Soccer skills day 1 009

Soccer Skills

Callum Ashlee Bryn Alyssa Luke Jackson Caydence Cooper Ollie

By |8th June 2013|Room 4|3 Comments
  • Spider Art 2013 001

Spider Web Art

By |8th June 2013|Room 4|5 Comments
  • DSCN0371

Room 4 Portraits

Can you recognise these children?

By |1st June 2013|CRT, Room 4|13 Comments
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