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Soccer Day Writers

Soccer I heard the loud red hooter. Then it was my turn. I sprinted onto the field. I kicked the ball but the other team got it. I raced and we scored a goal. Harmony [...]

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Soccer Day

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About myself


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Room 12


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Farmer Dan’s Barn

We watched Farmer Dan's Barn. https://www.literacyshed.com/farmer-dans-barn.html   Here are our stories.   He is driving the tractor.Ethan Yesterday Farmer Dan went to the gate.Milysha Yesterday Farmer Dan drove the tractor to the broken gate.Paige Yesterday [...]

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We went to camp on a bus. We went to the flying fox. It was fun on the flying fox.We went swimming in a lake. Then we went hiking. Then we went to make a tree [...]

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Our Walk

We went for a walk. First we looked for nests. Then we sneaked under rooms 10 and 11. Then we went up the hill. Then we went around the playground. Marquis   We went to [...]

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More Celebrating Vincent

Here are some more beautiful flowers from Rooms 12 and 8. Mara Joshua S Tarra-Jane Sam Sneha Harman Rose Keith [...]

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Rainbow Animals

Rooms 8, 9, 10, 12 and 1 created rainbow animals. They painted paper. They drew their animals. Then they transferred the animal onto the painted paper. Then they cut out the animal. Then Room 14 [...]

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The Angry Elephant

Read our Angry Elephant stories.

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