10 things you might find in a Wizard’s pocket – Tui 2

This week we wrote about what we might find in someone's pocket.  Click on the link below to view the writing.  Some absolutely awesome ideas. 10 things fawind in a wizids pocit  Xavier Ten Things [...]

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Calendar Art Tui 2

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Buddy Reading Tui 2 with Room 14

This week we began buddy reading with Room 14.  What a great group of readers they are.

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Favourite Character Book Week 2017 Tui 2

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Fox Art from a Nick Bland story

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Week 7

6 Years - Taerhys, Tayden, Kingi 5 Years - Frankie, Kaydence, Karis Term 3  Week 7   Room Eight's  Homework Sheet  Dance  -   Trip to DIS  on Wednesday  We  will be [...]

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Week 6 Homework Sheet

Room 8  Welcome to T3  Week 6 Term Focus:        Dance and Music Cross County  -  Friday  We  will be walking down to Memorial Park for the Cross Country and then walking back to school.  Look [...]

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Daffodil Day

DPS  raised $150 for the Cancer Society.   Room 8 collected, counted and delivered our donation to the ANZ  bank.  Thanks  everyone  for helping us to support our community.

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Jack the Dog by Charli

Jack the dog He had a great life On the 25th of August 2017 He got put down at nine o’clock . Jack was wonderful in every different way. We didn’t like him being in [...]

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