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At the beach

  At the beach one day, as I approached I heard the wave roaring. I felt the sand between my toes. All the sand went wild - it was going past my legs like a tiger zooming past [...]

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On minecraft I  built a ender dragon portal and went inside it. Then I killed it and grabbed the ender dragon egg and planted it.   Then I waited until it hatched.   Phaybian   [...]

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Anzac Biscuits for Anzac Day

In room 3 we have been learning about the ANZACs and Anzac day. We wanted to know more about the Anzac biscuit and found out that the traditional Anzac biscuit was made without oats and was [...]

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Room 5 Term 1

In weeks 1 & 2 Room 5 decided on our class Tikanga. We sorted our ideas into hoops and had a look at what they had in common. The headings were school, church, camp, marae, sports [...]

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Harmony’s written language

Shush I heard people say as my eyes flutter open.  I wipe the sand away.  As I get up my bones feel like they have been shattered.  "Ouch, ouch, ouch" I repeat.  My mattress was [...]

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DPS is taking part in the energize programme run by Sport Northland.  Petrina has been teaching us new pool games, teamwork and co-operation activities.

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Councillors 2015

These are the councillors for 2015. In the back row is Jordan, Adelaide, Harmony, Brooke, Portia, Kyran, Max, Scott and Ean and in front row is Ellie.

By |1st April 2015|DPS News|2 Comments

Room 5 camp!

On the first day of camp we put our tents up and set up our beds. Then we got into our activity groups. One of the activities was orienteering with Mr. Russek, which means working with [...]

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Fun with Paper Planes

Room 3 had a great time with Room 5 maths class today. We each made paper planes then measured the distances they travelled.

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  • room 7 islands are based on what we did in the holidays and what we like to do and what our favourite things are

Room 7’s Life Islands

Room 7s islands are based on what we did in the holidays and what we like doing.    

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