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Rippa Rugby 2015

Rippa Rugby 2015 DPS in action.

By |22nd May 2015|DPS News|1 Comment

Magic Milk

Question: What would happen if we added detergent to the milk and food colouring mixture? We found out that the milk moved away from the detergent because the detergent was breaking down the fat of the milk. [...]

By |19th May 2015|Room 3|0 Comments

Making Butter

Question: How can we separate cream into two parts, a solid and a liquid? We found out that after a lot of shaking the cream would turn into butter (solid) and buttermilk (liquid).  

By |19th May 2015|Room 3|0 Comments

Mothers Day Poems

Room 3 wrote simple poems to show how much our mums mean to us.    

By |8th May 2015|Room 3|1 Comment

Calvin’s Poppy Art

Anzac poppy small and red. Lying above the buried dead. Delicate petals red as a rose Bent over double as the wind blows. Petals like blood spilled on the Flanders Field.   By Calvin   Room [...]

By |5th May 2015|Room 5|0 Comments

Hayley’s Poppy Art

Anzac poppy, Delicate and bright, Silent in the morning light. Wrinkly petals, Round like the bullets lying on the ground, Poppies at Flanders don’t make a sound. By Hayley Room 5      

By |5th May 2015|Room 5|0 Comments

From where I am

From where I am I can see the red sun spread across the glistening water. From where I am the sand blows along the wide beach and down the green grassy sand dunes. From where [...]

By |5th May 2015|Tui 2|0 Comments

Self Portraits Room 7

These are some of room 7's self portraits we've done this term.

By |3rd May 2015|DPS News, Room 7|0 Comments

DinnerBy Jakob

One day I woke up. When I got dressed I saw my mum looking at the computer. I sat down there. We were going to have  dinner. A lady came, and I said, "Mummy,  a car is [...]

By |3rd May 2015|Tui 1|0 Comments

At the lakes

I went to the lakes one day. As I neared, I heard the boats' engines  roaring. I felt the grass squashing under my feet. I  heard the birds' soft squeaking tweets echo though my eardrum. I felt [...]

By |26th April 2015|Tui 1|0 Comments