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Cross Country by Kayla

"Woo!" The crowd went wild as the ten year olds crossed the finish line. "Calling all nine year olds," Mrs Stevens said. As people gathered  around her I saw my friend, Alyssa, sitting down. She [...]

By |15th September 2015|Tui 1|0 Comments

Cross Country by Scott

On cross country we got our bags and we went onto the asphaltt. Mr Lucich  talked. After the talk we got to talk to each other and it was fun. Then we had to walk a long [...]

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Inside out the movie

My heart pounding I raced out the door to get in the car. I entered to find myself in my little brother's seat. As we drove me and Scott talked about who was going to [...]

By |25th July 2015|Tui 1|0 Comments

Rewena Bread

Some of us read an article in a school journal (Part 1 Number 4, 1987) called Making Rewena Bread. As we are investigating change and how different materials react, we decided to make this bread. [...]

By |1st June 2015|Tui 1|0 Comments

The flashing light

As I played Dr Panda on my tablet, I saw a flash in the corner of my eye. My dad said" what was that?" But I said "that was scary." "But what was that?" said dad. [...]

By |5th May 2015|Tui 1|0 Comments

The beach by Charli

I went to the beach one day . I heard the wind blowing. I felt the sand between my  toes. It was hot! My cousin and I brought our boogie boards. First we learnt to sit on our [...]

By |26th April 2015|Tui 1|0 Comments

bees on the move

"Yay" I said. "It's Thursday," as I clicked the the car door shut.I was sleeping the whole way. After a few hours I arrived at the Bay of Islands. The water was as sparkly as [...]

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The corn maze

Kayla Yay! We’re going to the corn maze. As we drove there, our brains were exploding with a prediction on what’s going to happen. When we parked, I rushed and ran one way and then [...]

By |27th March 2015|DPS News|0 Comments