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 Bash!!! Crash!!! Domie and Ashton and I played in the creek. I looked in the water. It was flowing with blood. Eels were constantly sucking my foot over and over and over. My foot started [...]

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Glinks gully

On the weekend I went to the beach (Glinks Gully). My brother and I played in the water for a while. Suddenly "SNAP." Ouch. A crab snipped me. I walked out of the ocean. I [...]

By |1st May 2016|Tui 1|0 Comments

my magic machine

I have a magic machine. It is for me and my cat. My magic machine blows toys out. We put back the magic machine. by Holly  

By |23rd March 2016|Room 10|0 Comments

my magic machine

My magic machine does a rainbow and it does magic. It makes four pizzas for me and my brother. The magic machine does make robots nearly all the time.   by Katelyn

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