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  • Alyssa

Scientific Drawings

We are learning to look carefully at something and draw it as exactly as we can. Alyssa Sam Lilly Rangi Dalton Ashley [...]

By |29th May 2016|Classes, Tui 2|0 Comments
  • Mikayla

Haiku – Tui 2

Today we tried haiku poetry for the first time.  We based our writing on ANZAC.  Let us know what you think!          

By |17th April 2016|Classes, Tui 2|0 Comments

Swimming Sports 2016


By |17th March 2016|Sports|1 Comment

Athletics Day Highlights

By |26th November 2015|Sports|2 Comments
  • Taj (2nd), Jake (1st)

Athletics Champions 2015

8 Year BoysTaj (2nd), Jake (1st) 8 Year GirlsLilly (2nd), Hannah & Danielle (1st) 9 Year BoysCreedence (2nd), Ashley (1st) 9 Year GirlsHope (2nd), Ayla (1st) [...]

By |26th November 2015|Sports|0 Comments
  • Year 2
Jay & Chanelle (2nd=), Charli (1st), Chanel & Luka (3rd)

Spelling Bee Winners 2015

Year 6Lucy (3rd), Harmony (1st), Jonathan (2nd) Year 5Ella (2nd), Hayley (1st), Ayla (3rd) Year 4Danielle (2nd), Madison (1st), Kauri (3rd) Year 3Jayden & Taylor (2nd=), Dani (1st), [...]

By |12th November 2015|General|1 Comment

Show Day Cakes and Muffins

By |1st November 2015|General|1 Comment
  • Cooper's Cow.

Tui 2 exhibits from Show Day

Check out some of the exhibits from Tui 2. Ella's garden. Ollie's garden. Ella's muffin. Ella's cake. Paula's muffins. Cooper's Cows. Ayla's [...]

By |1st November 2015|Classes, Tui 2|0 Comments

Show Day Parade 2015

By |1st November 2015|General|0 Comments
  • Hulk

Book Week – Tui 2 Dress Ups

Cat Dorothy Bella Dog Raven Witch Katniss Santa All Black School Boy with mole [...]

By |26th September 2015|Classes, Tui 2|0 Comments