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Down by the school gates ten to zero

Ten chilly chickens, chomping   Nine  hilarious horses, hunting   Eight ants doing, archery    Seven nasty noises, narrating   Six telling tales trombones, tooting   Five equal elephants, electrocuting   Four lazy lions, limping   Three ladybirds, lurking [...]

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I leaped into the tree. I was across from my house on Montgomery Street. Once I was just about in the middle...(The tree was about eleven metres long and a half of a ruler tall.) [...]

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"Happy Easter,'' I would scream out on Friday as if something like a snake was coming. I would sneak and start to cheat, zoom round for Easter eggs. I found one. Finally for the first [...]

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All about… Peacocks

1.Pea family  The peacock is a male peafowl. The female is called a peahen. Baby peafowl are called peachicks. Up at night 2. Peafowl spend much of the day on the ground. They fly up [...]

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Yay it's Friday. The best day I could ever imagine. Days and days I have been waiting for this time and it came.The day when we make smoothies. It was good because I brought my [...]

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Mud, Mud, Mud

Once there was a little named Timmy. He had blond hair and red cheeks. But... he was sometimes naughty. Some boys wanted to teach him a lesson, and they did. This is how it started. [...]

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The wild mud puddle

PLOP!!! My brother pushes me in. ''NO!''I squeal. ''I'll drown, HELP,HELP.''I called like a lion roaring in pain. I felt  my body filled with fear. I start to freeze in the freezing wild mud. The [...]

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Yay Friday, I brought my sweet smelling fruit in. Isn't it a scorching hot day - that's why we're making smoothies today. Chop! Chop! Chop! let's get chopping. Once I start chopping I could already [...]

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On Friday we made a drink a smoothie drink. It tasted like apple and banana and it smelt like frozen berries, and some yoghurt. By Noah M

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On Friday I got on my scooter and came to school. I opened the door and the class was filled with fruit and I had forgotten my fruit. Then I got a smoothie and it [...]

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