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Soccer – DPS vs Selwyn Park

On the 5th of July it was the Selwyn Park Challenge.  We all played our best. We all enjoyed our day and cheered each other on.  We had a close game and had a challenging [...]

By |11th July 2013|DPS News|2 Comments

Adventure Forest

Drip!  I hear the wet trees drip.  I hear the birds chatter from tree to tree. The adventure forest is freezing, it's so cold it feels like an ice forest.  It's already the afternoon and [...]

By |11th July 2013|DPS News|1 Comment

Room 7’s Moon Posters

In Room 7 we have been studying the moon. We had to gather facts and present them on a poster.          

By |30th June 2013|DPS News|3 Comments

My Wonderful Trip.

The large slippery slide, I look, I wonder, do I want to do it or not? My ears are as sharp as a wolf, listening to people going down the slide. On the long flying [...]

By |30th June 2013|Room 17 2013|2 Comments


On Friday the 21st of June it was the Ruawai challenge .  The girls were fiesty .  They had a very amazing game and day.  They all encouraged one another to play their best.  The [...]

By |25th June 2013|DPS News|3 Comments


On Friday the 21st of June was the Ruawai Challenge.  The Dargaville Primary soccer team played the Ruawai soccer team and won against them. The score was exactly 8 -0 to us. Woo Hoo!!  It [...]

By |25th June 2013|DPS News|2 Comments

Our Computer Cats

By |21st June 2013|Room 14|2 Comments

Solar Systems

By |21st June 2013|Room 14|1 Comment

Inquiry Learning Patterns

Questions that we will research further. These are facts based on a readingwe did about Pluto. Here are Rebecca and Shamaea experimenting with day and night. Here is [...]

By |19th June 2013|DPS News|1 Comment