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Calendar Art

This is Room 7's Calendar Art. We began by sketching our designs. Then dye was added for colour. We used vivid to make our patterning bolder. These are the end result.

By |29th October 2013|Room 7|0 Comments

Room 7’s printed flowers

    To make our printed flower we had to get a large piece of cardboard and draw our flower design on it lightly.  After that we had to cut out the bits of the [...]

By |6th October 2013|DPS News, Room 7|0 Comments

Clay birds

Mrs stevens came in to room 6 and showed us how to make clay birds. First we had to put a bird template on the square piece of clay, Next we cut around the template [...]

By |25th September 2013|Room 6|0 Comments

On the farm.

The milking shed. Mr Schick in the rotary shed. Rebecca and Shamaea in the rotary shed. Mr Schick at the rotary shed. Children patting the calves. [...]

By |8th September 2013|Room 16 2013, Room 18, Room 7|0 Comments

Pal leaders

Being a PAL leader involves going up in assembly and putting the winning shield up for the week.  Choosing the right games for children, explaining how to play the game as well as running it [...]

By |3rd September 2013|DPS News|0 Comments

Body Jam 2013

On Friday 16th of August All Body Jammers  got prepared to do an amazing dance to impress 4 judges.  Most of them pulled it off!!  Here are the results:   Y5/6 Indivduals 1st place Zsalea [...]

By |3rd September 2013|DPS News|0 Comments

Senior Hockey

Mr Richard telling us the rules and safety for hockey Mr Richard telling us how to hold a hockey stick properly Mr Richard showing us how to hit the ball [...]

By |26th August 2013|DPS News|0 Comments

Room 7’s Fish

By Olivia Bradley By Shamaea Parore Baker By Rebecca Froggatt By Sophie Davison By Jack Howells By Owen Cleary By Trinity Bower [...]

By |6th August 2013|DPS News, Room 7|1 Comment

Room 14’s Apple Snails

We have four apple snails in room 14. Their names are Nui, Aporo, Ngata and Iti. Iti is the small black snail and he likes to play in the bubbles. Nui is the biggest snail and [...]

By |2nd August 2013|DPS News|2 Comments

Summer-Rose’s Beautiful Apple Snail

We had a visit from Summer-Rose's apple snail in Room 14. Can you spot it's breathing hole on the side of it's body? We have become a little snail obsessed in Room 14. We have [...]

By |29th July 2013|Room 14|0 Comments