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Cross Country by Charli

Ready, set clap! I was really nervous. I felt my heart was beating.  On the first corner I peeked around to see if anyone was really close. "Oh no, Hayden's right here." "Hello." said Hayden. [...]

By |15th September 2015|Tui 1|0 Comments

Cross Country by Alyssa L

My cheeks turned red as I lined up with the other girls. My stomach was growing rocks as I stood there. BANG! We were off. All the girls ran sprinting to get in front. Although [...]

By |14th September 2015|Tui 1|0 Comments

The cat and the trampoline

Thud, Thud, Thud as I ran outside. I leaped onto the tramp. A faint growl came from behind me. "Oh Jack". I laughed    As I started bouncing the cat got ready to pounce. " One [...]

By |3rd May 2015|Tui 1|0 Comments

A Dragon’s Wings

Stones rolled down the cliff as Spike trotted down the pathway. Swoop, swoop. Spike swung his head up. A mother dragon and her babies flew round the cliff top above him. "How I wish I [...]

By |26th April 2015|Tui 1|0 Comments

The lakes

I drove to the lakes one day. As I stepped into the water I heard the birds chirping away. I  heard the water slam into the rocks as I sloshed by; I disappear  under water [...]

By |26th April 2015|Tui 1|1 Comment

The beach by Kayla

I went to the beach one day, I felt the sand hoppers tickling my hands as I played with the sand. I heard the wind blowing in the direction I was running, I felt the [...]

By |26th April 2015|Tui 1|0 Comments

Flowers by room 7

                                                These are room 7's flowers.  First we got a can each and [...]

By |12th November 2014|DPS News, Room 7|0 Comments

The Seasons

  Spring likes to glide across emerald green fields. Summer springs off the old wharf into the clear diamond water. Winter slides across the slippery clear ice. Autumn likes to splash in the red and [...]

By |26th September 2014|Room 18|1 Comment

New PAL Leaders

Zane,Olivia, Liam and Luke

By |21st September 2014|DPS News|1 Comment

Cross Country Action Photos

By |11th September 2014|DPS News|1 Comment