Dargaville Primary students had a blast with the Minstrel at the Hiwi the Kiwi show. There were lots of laughs alongside lots of learning about our fishery and the marine environment and encouraging us to participate in fishing and to enjoy the many opportunities that we are privileged to have in New Zealand.

Below are some pictures and stories written by students at DPS.

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“Squawk!” Yelled the seagulls as they circled above us. My dad, my brother and I were going fishing for the very first time. Well, my brother and I were going fishing for the first time. My dad was experienced. “Get the gear, kids.” said dad. We dug into our shopping bags and pulled out our life jackets. I gave one to my dad and one to my brother. He passed it back to me and held another one up. I put on my life jacket and head for the boat. As my dad and my brother followed me, I tripped over something round. I landed on my face, but luckily there was sand where my face landed. As I spat the sand out of my mouth, I noticed that my life jacket was still wet from when me and my brother had a water gun fight. All the sand got stuck to the front of my life jacket. I frowned, stood up and ran to the boat. The only thing I noticed about the boat when I got there was that the boat had a hole in it. I ran back to the car and grabbed some popsicle sticks.  I stuck the popsicle sticks over the hole. When my dad and my brother finally arrived , they asked what I was doing. As the little innocent kid I am, I said “Oh, nothing.” As we hopped into the boat, I spotted something big and red out of the corner of my eye. I spun around to see what it was, unaware that a fishing net was placed on the front of the boat. I knocked it overboard and it landed on the red creature. When it hit the red creature, I noticed that it was a lobster. I jumped off the boat and lifted the net up and said, “Be free, lobster!” It scuttled away off into the distance. As I hopped back onto the boat, I tripped over again. I tried getting up, but I just fell back down. My brother snickered. As we sailed across the water slowly, I touched the water. It was calm, but cold. I stuck my hand further in the water. I felt a sudden jolt of electricity. I didn’t stick my hand in the water until we got to our destination. We stopped near a little sandy island with tiny little crabs scuttling around. I slowly stepped on the island and felt the soft sand between my toes.  I cast the line into the sea. Nothing happened for the next hour. That was before I realised that I didn’t put on the bait. I put on the bait and cast the fishing line out again. Two minutes later, I felt a tug. Then another. Again and again the fish pulled the line. So I thought I would return the favor. I started spin the reel faster and faster. Over and over again. Until… SPLASH! On the hook there’s a ginormous… Boot!? But, luckily there’s a snapper inside. I picked it up with a damp towel and showed it to my dad. I also showed him the boot. He says it was his one that he had lost on a fishing trip a few years ago. I started to blush with embarrassment. I grabbed the fish ruler and measured the snapper. It was 28cm long. It was long enough. I suppose. After we caught 10 fish, we sailed in super slow motion back to the beach. I was super tired now. It had been a long, fun day. We hopped in the car. When we’re about half way back home, I realised that we left the boat and the fish back at the beach. Oh no!

By Shoulan – Tui 1


One sunny morning my parents woke me up early to go fishing. I Quickly kicked off my pyjamas and put on my old clothes. we drove to the beach in the old rusty truck to catch some yummy KAI MOANA. At last we reached  the beach and I chucked my life jacket on. Dad was about to start the engine on the dinghy but luckily i saw that he wasn’t wearing a life jacket. I quickly reminded him to put one on before he roared up the engine. AT last we were out at  sea, we saw some plastic floating on the surface and I decided to pick it up. Sadly we didn’t end up catching any fish even though we had everything we needed. We packed a measure to make sure our fish were the right size and a wet towel to pick up the fish safely. I hope that next time we actually catch something!  
By Madison Hayes – Tui 1


As I threw my line into the sea I saw the deep deep blue light sea it looked dreamy. I noticed dad didn’t have his life jacket on ‘Don’t forget the life jacket dad’ I yelled. Dad looked embarrassed but quickly chucked it on. Suddenly I felt a tug then another. I looked at my rod confused then  I knew it was a fish. It started pulling harder I started pulling. It tried to pull me into the water but I pulled instead and finally he came to the surface. We grabbed a wet towel and measured the snapper and it was the right size. I remembered to get salt ice to keep the fish fresh. Then we drove  home feeling hungry.

By Bastiaan – Tui 1 


As I threw my gear in the back of the truck, I felt excited because we were going fishing. Jade and I drove away to the rocky beach. The sun was shining brightly down on the water and we couldn’t wait to go fishing. We threw on our life jackets, started up the engine and drove away into the blue shining water. We found a place to do some fishing. We knew there would be some fish because there were birds circling above our heads. I quickly put the line into the water I waited for the bite. Suddenly I felt a bite so I wound up the line and saw a small fish on the end. I quietly grabbed a damp towel to pick up the little fish. I carefully measured the fish to make sure it was the right size  lucky it was the right size. We quickly put the fish into salty water and drove back to the truck feeling happy that we had fish for tea.

By Marlee – Tui 1