Hello Winter

Goodbye Autumn,

Hello Winter,

Goodbye warm coloured leaves,

Hello nice cosy blankets,

Goodbye yummy ducks,

Hello hot chocolate,

Goodbye outside games,

Hello inside games,

Goodbye singlets,

Hello macintoshes,

Goodbye fields of flowers,

Hello fields of mud,

Goodbye Easter,

Hello my birthday,

Goodbye rays of sun,

Hello drops of rain,

Goodbye quietness,

Hello mosquitoes,

Goodbye strawberries,

Hello feijoas.

By Dani


 Hello Spring                                                              

Goodbye, Winter

Hello, spring       

Goodbye, fluffy white snow

Hello, soft drizzles of rain

Goodbye, hot soup

Hello, cold sandwiches

Goodbye, pregnant cows

Hello, newly born calves

Goodbye, white miserable clouds

Hello, bright happy sun

Goodbye, classroom

Hello, spring break

Goodbye, wet dark asphalt

Hello, green green grass

Goodbye, warm spa’s  

Hello, cold swimming pools

Goodbye, hot water bottles

Hello, cold beds

Goodbye, hot hot chocolates

Hello, lemonade

Goodbye, bacon and egg

Hello, hard cereal

Goodbye, plain bulbs

Hello, happy colourful gardens

Goodbye, skiing

Hello, my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

By Lilly



Goodbye  Spring

Hello Summer     

Goodbye butterflies, lambs and  calves

Hello hot sizzling sand and cold refreshing water

Goodbye gardening

Hello beautiful red, orange and purple sunsets

Goodbye little chirpers  

Hello our pet hawk flying in the clear blue skies

Goodbye golf balls flying everywhere

Hello huge sand castles and boogey boarding down the monster waves

Goodbye short holidays

Hello hiking and water slides

Goodbye new growth

Hello surfing, camping and kayaking                              

By Hannah

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Hello Winter…

Goodbye Autumn

Hello Winter

Goodbye crunchy leaves

Hello Warm cozy bed

Goodbye yummy duckys

Hello wet and rainy days

Goodbye wet pile of leaves


Goodbye warm mornings

Hello cold and cloudy days

Goodbye outside games

Hello inside games

Goodbye Autumn work

Hello Winter work

Goodbye Easter

Hello Anzac

By Stella