Following the break in during the early hours of Thursday the 29th of March in Room 11, there has been security camera footage of the perpetrator. It is believed a large pink rodent with floppy ears entered the  building through an unlocked window, leaving a rather large mess. Droppings resembling rabbit droppings could be found on the floor and large footprints traced the movements around the class. It is believed nothing was taken during this brazen intrusion, however a nest of chocolate eggs was later discovered hiding in the art supplies. Ms Bennett is said to be horrified at the catastrophic destruction of her immaculate classroom causing her such stress she needed 5 days of rest to recover. Several children who chose not to be named by media were so astonished by the footprints in the classroom they could be seen running around the school trying to track the intruder. Jericho from Room 11 clearly stated that he had heard what he thought was the EASTER BUNNY hopping down Hokianga Rd early Thursday morning. Mr Stringer has done a thorough investigation of the break in and has uncovered some security camera footage. This has been past on to the appropriate authorities.  20180403_102515 20180403_102617 20180403_102633 20180403_102654