A kiwi camp is sleeping in the same cabin with a bunch of girls who giggle a lot.

It’s listening to waves crashing and kids screaming.

It’s feeling the salt water sting your eyes and trying to blink it away.

A kiwi camp is being up all night listening to your cabin buddies snoring like pigs.

It’s hearing the echoes of kids screaming and the rustle of the bush on the Burma Trail.

A kiwi camp is eyeing up the bullseye and taking your first shot in archery.

It’s when you put on so much sunblock that you are as white as a sheet and as slippery as an eel.

A kiwi camp is full of grumpy teachers if they don’t get enough sleep.

It’s sliding so fast¬†that you feel like you are going to take off.

Being at a kiwi camp is standing on the platform for the flying fox, hearing the loud zipping noises and waiting for your turn.

A kiwi camp is falling over in the Burma Trail and feeling your knees sting.

It’s shooting a can twice, but not getting a bullseye.

A kiwi camp is putting up with Keenan with ants in his pants.

A kiwi camp is also about cheering on other kids whether they’re your friends or not.