6 Years - Taerhys, Tayden, Kingi

6 Years – Taerhys, Tayden, Kingi

5 Years - Frankie, Kaydence, Karis

5 Years – Frankie, Kaydence, Karis

Term 3  Week 7   Room Eight’s  Homework Sheet 

Dance  –   Trip to DIS  on Wednesday  We  will be walking  up  to Dargaville Intermediate on Wednesday to practise some dancing with the Intermediate kids.  We will have our lunch a little earlier and set on an adventurous walk.

Did you notice in the last school newsletter that DPS will be having a Teacher Only Day on the last Friday of the term? 


Cross Country

Well done to all of the competitors and their supporters.  We will be crafting this experience into a recount, hopefully capturing interesting aspects of our walk down as well as describing the nervous wait and muddy course.  Well done to Frankie who came first in the 5 year old girls and Taerhys who came first in 6 the year old boys.


Photo forms – Has everyone got these back?

Well done to our excellent spellers last week-Ray picked up the best score.

Maths Races-Taerhys and Ryan are neck and neck for the top spot in our 2 minute maths challenges.  I am aiming for under  1.30 minutes on the first attempt and under a minute by the end of the week.  We are still doing +1 and -1.  The 2min cap has only been cracked four times.


Over Locking  –  We  are going to be stitching  a picture leading up to Pet  Day.  Does  anyone have an overlocker that they could use to overlock 21 pieces of hessian for Room 8?  Please  let me know asap.


at ie -long I sound igh  long  I sound My  spelling words  after this very long test are 1st test 2nd  test
cat lie high 1
fat tie sigh 2
hat pie night 3
rat cries right 4
mat ties might 5
in tries fright 6
look flies light 7
here dries lightning 8
the die slight My spelling buddy is



Book  Week  –  Week  9  !!!!!