Room 8  Welcome to T3  Week 6

Term Focus:        Dance and Music20170825_142928

Cross County  –  Friday  We  will be walking down to Memorial Park for the Cross Country and then walking back to school.  Look out for the notice.  You would be welcome to walk with us.


School Website

The  school website has been updated and I am going to try and put our photos and homework sheets there for access at home.  Go to and see what you think.


We  will be walking up to the Intermediate on 6 September to learn some dance moves from Mrs Pickering’s class. 


Did  everyone get  their  Book Week  notice three weeks ago?   How  is  your costume design going?

 1st test2nd testou1st test2nd tester1st test2nd testMy  own  words  from  my writing.
the  noun  mother   
here   house   brother   
  mouse  father   
in  round  counter   
at  around  later   
to  found  sister   
look  out  faster   
looks  shout  harder   

Reading log

My reading goal: