Room 8  Welcome to T3  Week 5daffodils

Term Focus:        Dance and Music

Cross County  –  Week 6

Photo  order form-this was sent home last week.

Yum, yum, yum we are making Lemon Honey  this week. 

We are taking the opportunity to have a look at the science of eggs as well as using them in our baking. 

Ask your children about them.  Here are a couple of words from our themes for the up coming, Te Wiki O  Te Reo  Maori.  We can make eggs bounce!

English                  Maori

Egg                       heke

Chicken                 heihei

Dance                    kanikani

Singing/song      waiata


  1st test 2nd test   1st test 2nd test   1st test 2nd test
look     them     empire    
to     gem     empty    
mum     stem     stem    
dad     hem     lemon    
in     poem     poem    
no     lemon     lemonade