Bash!!! Crash!!! Domie and Ashton and I played in the creek. I looked in the water. It was flowing with blood. Eels were constantly sucking my foot over and over and over.

My foot started to sting as if I got shot in the leg. Suddenly, the moment when it stung, I fell deep in the water as if I got shot in the head. I could not see a thing. My sight was as if I was blinded. I started to flap my noodly hands and shot out of the water.

I saw mum was shocked in the distance looking at my foot. So I looked at it and yelled…”Oh where am I and why is my leg tied on rope?”

A doctor came in; she was holding a needle and light thread. She slowly stiched it up.

That was the worst day of my life.

Jayden Q