It was sunny hot day. We were going to grandma Gartons in Whangarei. “Yay” Madison and I said together because we were going to Tui and Sheridan’s POOL!!!!

When we got there I had to put on my life jacket. First I doggy-paddled. The I started to go under the water. After I started to splash!!!!!! I was getting very wet so I hopped out in the shallow steps. That meant that I was on the concrete and I was wet.

So I walked over to the place where it was deep and grabbed onto the blow up jet ski. I fell off. Lucky me, I had my goggles on. Also I had my life jacket on so I just popped up. Then I climbed up the steps in the deep.

Then I thought… Why don’t I try my hardest to do a dive? So I put hands together up high and jumped in and “OUCH!!!!” I suddenly said. Instead of doing a dive I had done a belly flop.