My superhero is called Frost girl. Frost girl has a lot of ice power. She looks like a pile of ice on top of a humongous rock.

Frost girl has a beautiful dress made of ice. Frost girl has ice coming out of her lovely dress.



My favourite superhero is Hogsmash.

He is green. He can jump really high. He has purple shorts.

He can lift anything.


My super hero is my nana because she is in hospital and very very sick.Her super power is being kind to everyone. She is strong because this has happened,and Nana is still so grateful to us. Shen has grey hair and Nana wears glasses sometimes.

Another one of her super powers are, giving hugs and making me smile.She always gives us food when we visit her. We end up with a bag of groceries.

By Charli


My superhero is Blockman.

He is blue and green. He can transform into anything.

He fights bad guys. He stops stealing. He even helps people.


My super hero’s name is Super Love!

My Super hero’s suit has: Pink iron with red as rose hearts on it, and in the middle is a humongous heart that says love. The iron is up to her hands and she has iron gloves that can transform into her normal hands.

Her feet can transform into iron shoes and back into her normal feet again when she says.

My super hero can also do something special… She can save the world with her fantastic, awesome, epic shoes.

She can blast off just faster than the most famous rocket ship! Wow! She saves the world also by blowing red and pink water!

By Chantelle


My super hero is the Lord God. He looks after everyone but not the people who don’t believe in him.

He looks like a giant in a dressing gown. He is the creator of the entire universe. He has dark brown hair and a very long beard.

He is the Lord God.

By Cooper


My superhero is Invisible Lady.

She captures bad people and puts them in jail when she is in her go through anything suit.

When she puts it on, it goes invisible too.


 My superheroes are my Grandma and Grandpa. They are my heroes because they are so special to me, and because I love them. They are coming back today. Hooray!

My grandpa’s hair is as white as snow. My Grandma’s hair is a grey as a seal with a bit off white in it. They are very old and my Grandma almost needs a walking stick because she’s older than my Grandpa.

Finally, they are the best heroes to have.



Boom! Super Brianna. What are you doing?

She wore a purple cape and a blue and silver dress. She has stripy socks on with colourful shoes.

She likes to eat chips and lollies and cream doughnuts, and all that other junk food.

She has ginger hair and cat eyes.

But one other thing you don’t know is – she is a superhero!


My favourite superhero is my dog.

He looks like Scooby doo. He saves people when they are in danger by running fast and carrying them away.


 My super hero

My superhero is Kevin.

When he touches steel he will turn into steel. He can turn into anything like a shark and he can fly. His costume is a gold costume.

If someone nearly crashes he will make them not crash. He will dive back  in the water where he lives.


My superhero is Shazam. He has a red suit with a lightning strike in the middle. He has a white cap like cream. The other side of his cape is yellow like lightning. He has black hair like the night sky.

Shazam’s powers are lightning super strength, electricity, heat vision and flight. His worst enemy is Black Adam. He looks like Shazam but with a black suit.

Shazam is a awesome guy. Shazam saves things, heavy things from falling on citizens. He saves people who are frozen.

Shazam is my super hero.


My superhero is my little cousin Sivanna . She is 2 and she likes to eat  mud. If her dummy gets washed, she won’t suck on it.

She has brown eyes and short, black hair. She has lots of nike shoes.

By Tahlia

 I love spider man because he shoots webs out of his wrist. It’s so cool that I think I can do it, and I think he’s real, and I dream about him. I dream about saving people.

“Hooray,” the people cheered, “Good job, spider man!”

Everybody surrounded him and he swung off and the people cheered forever.

By Kayden

Batman can fly. He feels hard. He can shoot guns. He can throw batrings. He smells like bats. He looks like a bat. I see him fly. I can hear his bats.

He fights bad people has guns. His clothes are black and in the middle of his t-shirt is a bat. Batman is a super hero.

By Kordell


Super hero

Taylor is my super hero because she is nice to me.   

Taylor has blue eyes and she has beautiful hair. She is my super hero.


My  superhero is superman.  He flies in the world trying to find some people to help.

He has  blue  and  yellow clothes.


My superhero can fly. He has a bow and arrow. It can shoot 3 bombs at once.

His name is Hawk. He goes good and bad. His buddies are Thing and the Avengers. He looks like a bird, a very tough bird. He is the same size as Hulk.

By Noah J

  noah j 001
My favourite superhero is Flash. He helps people when they are in trouble.

His skin looks like supergirl’s skin.

Noah M

My superhero is Supergirl. My superhero looks like a bat flying in the sky. She looks like a nerf bullet in the high sky.

My superhero helps the whole world. She helps people when they’re in trouble.


Flash is fast. He can run up mountains and he has a super power.

My superhero looks fast and his shorts are red and yellow. His shorts make him run around the city and save people from baddies.

He smells like smoke because fire comes out of his feet.


My superhero is Charli Brown.He saves the planet by super strength.He’s defeated 5000000 bad guys.He’s not old; he’s 12 years old.

He’s insane – well, that’s what I think. He puts out fires every day!!! He finds bank robberies and he saves people every day!!!!.

He’s stronger than wrestlers.


My superhero’s name is Snoopy. He is 10 feet tall and his little kettle can turn into an aeroplane. The aeroplane has an invisibility button. It makes people not see you, but you can see them! How amazing can a ride in Snoopy’s aeroplane be?

Also, his aeroplane has a spy camera to spy on bad people who rob banks and shops and other kinds of thing that can be robbed.

When someone has been robbed, Snoopy comes and saves the person. When Snoopy comes back for the robber and gives him flowers; that makes the robber go on the good side.


My super hero is my poppa . Now some people are mean to my poppa  just because he’s sick.

My poppa doesn’t care what other people think of him. Just  because he has lung cancer  doesn’t mean he’s different .

Poppa is my super hero because he fights his lung cancer and never gives up.

Poppa is handsome, and you can’t even see his face through those freckles of his.

By Taylor

My superhero is Thing. He looks like a rock; he’s made of rock. Thing is powerful and strong. He could break the road. He saves the world and is hard.

He has cracks and he’s  got green eyes. He is pretty tough. Thing is humongous like hulk. He jumps so so high. He has no hair.

By Teylan

My superhero is Ironman. He saves the city and he can fly. He fights the bad people and he can fly up in the sky.

He has iron all around his body.


My favourite superhero is Chrome Claw. He wears a freaky mask and an iron boot.

His hand can turn into a gun and shoots a grappling-hook. His peg-leg makes him jump super high.