On the weekend I went to the beach (Glinks Gully). My brother and I played in the water for a while.

Suddenly “SNAP.” Ouch. A crab snipped me. I walked out of the ocean.

I asked Jamie if I have a ride. I hopped on – “SSS! WHATS burning? Ow ow!” My leg was on the exhaust pipe. OW, my leg was burnt. It looked

like charcoal. I limped my way to mum. ”Did we catch any thing?”

“5 snapper.”

“Yay, snapper for tea”.

I gave Gary my leg to look at.

”Ooh that is bad’ – dang”.

I tried to have another ride. I did it without my leg roasting, cooking, burning like charcoal.

My brother and I dived back into the water. We duck dived and splashed, bashed and ran into the deep. We got bowled over by

the waves. My brother and I played splash  – we smacked each other with water and we played for ages and dived for ages – we went so deep. We played in the water for ages, then we swam to the shore and played with the petrol birds and sea gulls. We got tuatua and smashed them – we smashed 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. The birds rushed to eat the tuatua. We  grabbed sand and tried to hit them. Bang, bang, bang! We hit three but they flew away.

We ran up to the sand dunes and climb climb climbed. We reached the top of a huge mountain and run run run, we tumbled down. Ban,g bang, bang! I grabbed onto a root. It was about to snap. Luckily there was another root under me. I just grabbed it, then SNAP. There was a  place I could stand. I could climb down. I was half way there – I jumped and grabbed, jumped and grabbed, jumped and grabbed.

I was quarter way there. BANG! I hit my head but that didn’t stop me. Finally I got to the ground then I ran like the  wind and jumped like an eagle to the car.

by Jayden Quelch