“Happy Easter,” I would scream out on Friday as if something like a snake was coming. I would sneak and start to cheat, zoom round for Easter eggs.

I found one. Finally for the first time of my life I found… I found one. But… I left it for the last.

Mum calls out “Easter hunt time.”

I jump up and down with my body filled with excitement, ready to blast off.

“DING!!!! Found another.”

Jasmine found the golden one. I start to creep up to the golden Easter egg.”

“NO NO NO!!!” I screamed with fear.

”What?”Jasmine says with confusion.

I run away with a terrified heart. Jasmine follows me. I run, I try to make her tired.

Finally I gasp with fear.I run into my room, I burst into tears.

By Chantelle