1.Pea family 

The peacock is a male peafowl. The female is called a peahen. Baby peafowl are called peachicks.

Up at night

2. Peafowl spend much of the day on the ground. They fly up to trees to sleep at night.

Amazing tails

Did you know?

Only the male peafowl grows a long train of feathers.These feathers grow above his real tail, which is made up of 20 shorter, grey feathers.

A peacock’s train has about 100 to 150 feathers in it. A single feather can be more than 1 metre long. Get out a tape measure to see how long that is!

A peacock does not grow a long train until he  is 3 years old. He sheds his tail every summer and grows a new one  by springtime.