As we arrived at the vets, I could see lots of people.First we had a sausage sizzle, next to the kiwi. Its name was Sparky – he got trapped in a  possum trap. He only has one leg. The feathers were hard like a rock. The feathers underneath were soft.              
 Next we went to where the pets sleep. There was a dog called Booger. His heart sounded like a boulder rolling down a mountain.BOOOOOM  BOOOOM! BOOOOM!   
 MEEEEEOOOOOWWWWWW! As I walked in, it was a stray kitten. It was so cute. I suddenly heard a noise it sounded like a cat.  
When I walked past I noticed that there was a black and white cat. It was tucked up at the back.
Yuck! There was a picture of surgery. It was a dog with the skin scraped off and three needles in the foot. On the back wall there was a picture of a dog that had swallowed a fish hook.

By Charli