Jamie, he was a wrestler and he won a life time supply of chocolate.He melted them for his Milo.  Ding, dong, ding dong! He walked to the microwave. As soon as he opened it … Flush he ran to the stadium . It flooded the whole city.

There was his worst enemy Cratos.

They fought. Bang,  crash, bang! Jamie flew into the chocolate. Luckily there was radioactive toxic. He mutated and he was gigantic. He saw Cratos sinking – ”Help, help.”

Jamie could decide ether to gain victory by killing Cratos or lose victory by saving him . He sadly decided – well, it was sad for him he chose …  … lose victor.y  Jamie grabbed him and jumped in the stadium but the stadium cracked and Jamie un mutated.

However, Secross, the super hero with every power, flew in and he made another planet  just like earth. He grabbed everyone, and cracked the planet and lava rushed out.

He forgot some people and they turned into zombies. There were 4 survivors and they had to face the zombies … … To be continued


By Jayden Quelch