It is spiky as a hedgehog.

It is heavy as a big rock.

It is as green as the grass.

It is spiky like cats claws.

The stalk is like a little plant.

What is it?

It is so spiky I could die.

It is as heavy as a rock – I can hardly lift it.

It is a sphere.

What is it?

A Norfolk pine.

By Eugenie

It is spiky. It is round. It’s light.

You can hear it.

It’s hard. It’s heavy.

It’s prickly as a cactus, spiky as a hedgehog.

The stalk isn’t spiky.

It looks like a pine cone.

What is it?

It is a pine cone.

By Teylan

 It is as bulgy as a bald head.

It is heavy as a hammer.

It is brown as dirt.

It is dead as a grave.

What am I?

By Shoulan

 It is prickly.

It is heavy.

It is green and brown.

What is it?

By Caleb

I have colour changing spikes that are sharp as knives.

I live in a tall tree at Dargaville Primary School.

I am green as freshly grown grass, and patches of brown like dirt.

What am I?

By Emma

I have ticklish spikes.

I’ve got a stalk.

I come from a very tall tree.

I am round, sort of like an oval. I’m a bit little.

I’ve got a lot of changing colour spikes.

I am a bit spiky, I smell like tree trunks, and I am soft at the bottom.

So what am I?

by Chantelle



I have a stalk and spikes.

I’m round.

I came from Mrs Bishop’s house too.

I wonder what I’m made of. I wonder what I weigh.

It’s a mystery.

Who brought me here?

I wonder what I am.

By Taylor

It looks like a pineapple.

It is round like a bowling ball

.It has a stalk. The stalk is soft.

It is hard like a turtle’s house.

It’s as heavy as a coconut.

What is it?

By Charli

It is spiky like a bear’s tooth.

It is spiky like a bear’s claw

.It is round like a cats head.

What is it?

At school, I felt this thing.

It smelled nice.

It sounds squeaky like pineapple juice.

What is it?

By Ryan

Today my friends and I were finding a mystery with a pine cone.

We found it.

It was on the Norfolk pine.

It felt kind of spiky.

By Kayden

 It feels like a spiky cactus.

It looks like a circle.

It smells like pine cones.

What is it?

By Haydn

The Norfolk pine cone is prickly and heavy and hard.

The pine cone is flat and bushy.

The pine cone is light and dark and spiky.

By Kordell

 It’s as spiky as a porcupine.

It is as brown as dirt.

It is as heavy as milk.

What is it?

Today we found a strange thing.

It was prickly, as prickly as a cactus, and as prickly as a pineapple head.

What is it?

A pine cone.

By Scott

It is round and spiky.

It is heavy and soft.

It is sore.

What is it?

By Wil

What is it …

It was spiky like a hedgehog, hard as a rock, brown as the dirt.

By Noah J